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What Do Animals Eat?

Did you know that tadpoles and frogs eat completely different food? Ok, that is a pretty obvious fact. How about Bagheera Kiplingi? The only spider in the world that is vegetarian. I bet you did’t know that. Lets talk about something really small, plankton. What do they eat? They are so tiny, what else could they possibly eat? Do you have a pet parrot at home and want to feed it well? Maybe you have a hamster or an Iguana. What are their favorite foods? All this and lots more, so lets get started. For a quick access, you may view the sitemap page. Below are all 13 categories for the site.

Discover Who Found What, When And Where

Did you know that astronomers from the third century B.C. suggested that the earth might be round? Only by 1521 did the proof come to light when Ferdinand Magellan sailed around the world. The atom was discovered by John Dalton but he didn’t have any prove of this. He just had a theory. It would take 100 years before prove could be found. Some historians say that the concept of the atom actually existed, 14 centuries before John Dalton made it public. Wow! That is interesting. Learn who discovered what and when. From simple stuff like the elements to complex stuff like Leukemia and Hepatitis C. For a quick access, you may view the sitemap page. Listed below are all six categories for the site.